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"It's totally puppy heaven! She is going to be so well loved" 


About Us!

Hello! My name is Emily Henry and my husband, Jerrod and myself started our family 18 years ago.  Since then, we have added 2 children, Peyton (18) & Brooke (15) and our girls to our brood.  We are raising our family on our dairy farm where we milk a little over 600 cows, three times a day as well as crop farm 3,500 acres near Honda Marysville plant. While the dairy and hay making keeps my husband busy, the kids and I love spending time with our dogs and the puppies.  They are all treated like family around here. If the kids are playing outside, you are bound to find our pups playing in the yard.  If we are busy feeding calves, you are sure to find the dogs patiently waiting to lick up any extra calf milk that is not needed.  If I go for a run, you will likely find one of them at the end of the leash.  They have even been our "guard dogs" on 2 different instances of individuals coming to our door.  They are known for their calm and gentle demeanor but they will alert and protect you when called to duty.

After losing our beloved "farm dog"  golden back in 2008, we decided it was time to get a new dog in 2012.  At this time, we searched high and low, from 5 local humane societies to golden retriever rescues. To no avail, we were either not "qualified" to have a golden that was not fenced in nor were there any goldens at the local shelters. That is when my children decided to purchase Bella from a breeder.  After much time, patience and research, we decided to take on breeding.  This opportunity turned into something greater than we could have imagined. These girls have brought so much joy to our home.   Although it is a lot of hard work, we cherish every moment and are blessed with the opportunity to provide families with their new best friend(s).  We look forward to meeting your family!!


We are a hobby breeder located in west central Ohio (about 45 minutes west of Columbus). Here at Henry AKC Goldens we pride ourselves in providing families with high quality puppies that are given the love and attention every puppy deserves.  Our puppies range in color from creams to dark reds. We look forward to meeting new families and sharing our love for the golden retriever breed.

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Emily Henry


Providing families with their new best friend...

West Liberty, Ohio

Henry AKC Goldens
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