"I can't imagine my life without him. He has so much personality!"


"She has the sweetest personality. She loves all people and adores the children in our complex.. She is crazy for water and loves the lake we live on, but also went crazy over a rain puddle we had for 3 days."



"He does not like the words 'no' or 'stop what you are doing.' He throws himself to the ground and huffs. He is always a joy. I couldn't imagine my life without him. I am so blessed I found you guys!"




    Nancy MacDougall, California


    Kim Pawelski, Ohio


Past puppies & Quotes


"In Lux's bed, he cuddles in her pile of stuffed animals at the end of her bed. Sometimes you can't see him until he pops his head up. I get lots of compliments on him at work about how beautiful he is."


"We can't get enough of him!! He's perfect!!"


"We are training him to ring a bell to go out & potty.  Tuesday he rang the bell all morning and went out to potty.  Later I discovered he was faking he was peeing to get a treat!  He -assumed the position- and everything!"


    Stephanie Young, West Virginia


"I'm a pretty lucky girl to have this cute litte guy in my life. I have never seen a dog pick up on stuff so fast."



    Kelly Snyder, Ohio


"Our 3-month-old golden is helping train our 14-month-old sheltie!"


Providing families with their new best friend...

Henry AKC Goldens

West Liberty, Ohio

    Adrienne Ehrhart, Ohio

                Joey (Age - 10 weeks)

    Elisha Kipker, Ohio


    Ashley Howell, Ohio


    Katie Procuniar, Ohio

         Cary (Age- 9 Weeks)

"When he 'dies' from a 'bang', if you say a prayer for him and say 'amen', he pops up"



    Juanita Weeks, Ohio