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We have added another "red" head to our family...except this time it is a puppy.  Ms. Ruby joined our family in May of 2017 from New York. She is so lovable and very eager to please. She is usually around 50-55 lbs. and has comes from great genetics!  Ruby has scored "Good" and "Normal" on their OFA hip and elbow testing. She has delivered her first litter in 2018 and we patiently await the next litter.

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Ms. Pearl was imported from Ukraine in April of 2015.  This girl comes with a stacked pedigree of champions and we can not wait to see how she grows!  Sire, Glitters Kanyewest is a 2X Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, Champion of Belarus, and Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine.  Dam, Nadinelle Frutti Boom is a 3X Champion of Ukraine, Champion of Russia, Junior champion of Ukraine, and Junior Champion of Belarus. Both parents scored AA on hips (equivalent to OFA excellent) and OO on elbows (equivalent to OFA normal) and have officially passed on their genetics to Pearl.  She scored an Excellent on her OFA's and Normal on her elbows.  She officially went into retirement Spring of 2022


Pearl Henry (Retired)
Sophie Henry (Retired)
Bella Henry (Retired)


Fun facts about our girls: 

Quality Comes First


Quality...the one thing we all seek in any product we purchase.   At Henry AKC Goldens, we strive to strengthen the golden retriever breed with quality. This not only includes the overall lifetime health of our dogs, but also a desire to raise beautiful puppies that will make you proud.  We refuse to breed our dams to sires that are not worthy of our lines nor with tainted genetics.  We are very pleased with the health, personalities, genetics and overall beauty of our girls (and their parents). We look forward to providing your family with a beautiful golden retriever.


Willow Henry


  • Bella loves to go for gator rides. She will hop on even if we are just walking by..

  • Ruby joined our crew from New York!

  • Soph and Bella have a love for birds.

  • They love to play outside. especially when it comes to sledding.

  • Pearl flew to us from Ukraine in April of 2015!

  • Ruby is often called "Rubes".

  • Willow is a daughter of Pearl!

  • Piper loves to drag in as many rocks as possible.

Piper Henry



Ms. Zoey was probably the least expected addition to our golden family, but boy are we glad to call her ours.  This pretty girl has been one of the most "people-pleasing" puppies we have ever had.  She is calm, tender hearted and overall just wants to make everyone happy.  She has been to many different venues already where she has already gone to a her first horse show and made some new friends. We can't wait to watch this little one grow!!



Sweet Sophie hails from Indiana.  Her parents both passed their hip clearances and passed their great genetics on to Soph. Sophie had her 2nd round of OFA testing completed back in January and received an "good" score on her hips with "normal" elbows.  Sophie has all of the cream features such as the cream coat, boxy head and great conformation.  She has turned into a beautiful young girl. She is a very smart girl and is always seeking to please us. Sophie has officially moving into retirement. 



Ms. Piper hails from Minnesota and we are looking forward to having a medium golden back in our breeding program again.   Because of Covid-19, Emily opted to fly out in August to pick this little girl up!  She was super quiet under the plane seat and has been super fun to watch grow.  She loves to carry in as many little rocks as she can and then in turn, carry her food bowl out.  She is so funny and loves to play with her best friend, Ruby! We plan to breed her to Toby in the summer of 2022.  



Ms. Piper joins us from New York and just HAPPENS to be a half sister to our Ruby (same sire).  This little lady is full of life and loves to be loved.  Brooke has has been known to baby talk and loves to get her all excited.   She is also in for a good time and loves playing with anyone that wants to join in on the fun.  She loves going to high school baseball games and meeting new dogs!  She has turned into a beautiful red color and we can't wait to see some babies out of this girl in 2023. 

"Bella has the CUTEST puppies!! <3"

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Providing families with their new best friend...

Henry AKC Goldens
Ruby Henry



Bella became a part of our family in October 2012 and we don't know what we did without her. She is not only our kid's companion, but my side kick. She has been a great mentor for Sophie, Pearl, Ruby & Willow in learning the ropes of the Henry household.  Bella has a love for finding birds and showing them off to us. We were very pleased with her puppies and the strong intellect attributes they have picked up from her.  She is a such a great mom! She has earned her badge of motherhood and has officially moved into retirement. 


Lily Henry
Zoey Henry

West Liberty, Ohio



We had a pretty neat opportunity of being able to keep one of our very own puppies.  Ms. Willow is a baby to a previous litter of Pearl & Tucker.  We loved this litter's genetics and their strong English Cream traits that we decided to keep a little girl for ourselves.  This little lady is fun loving and enjoys spending time with the big girls.  She is a small framed girl weighing in at 55 lb, boxy head and a loving heart!